The Alumni of the Indonesia-Japan Friendship Program for 21st Century or abbreviated with KAPPIJA-21 was established on March 18, 1985. KAPPIJA-21 is an alumni organization of “The Japan – ASEAN Youth Friendship Program for 21st Century”, held by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

This program has been initiated since 1984 pioneered by the Prime Minister of Japan, who at that time was Yashiro Nakasone, with the objectives of building human resources and increasing the friendship relation between Japan and Indonesia in welcoming 21st Century.


After following “The Japan – ASEAN Youth Friendship Program for 21st Century” in Japan, every participant is automatically stated as becoming the member of KAPPIJA-21. Until now, the members of KAPPIJA-21 are 3,636 people spreading throughout Indonesia from various professions and backgrounds: government, private/entrepreneurs and social institutions.


KAPPIJA-21 has the objectives of empowering, developing potencies and capacities of its members as well as developing and promoting the friendship between Indonesia and Japan and the friendship of Indonesia with other countries in this world.


Becoming a superior organization that can be proud of especially in building human resources, improving the friendship relation and promoting an international social intercourse manner which is cultured and civilized in welcoming 21st Century.


  • Increasing the efforts of promoting the friendship of Indonesia-Japan with various social and cultural approaches.
  • ­Promoting the growth of initiatives and creativities of its members to develop any activity and program which conforms to their background, interest, occupation field, and profession in the context of increasing the relationship of Indonesia – Japan.
  • Improving the welfare and capacity of entrepreneurs of its members and any other community group by means of programs oriented to the development of small and middle-scale business, local community development and empowerment of community groups in lower level.
  • Increasing the cooperation relationship which has the partnership nature with government institutions and privates in Japan, international organizations and government institutions, privates and other organizations in Indonesia.

Organization Approach

  • Having family atmosphere, namely having the family basis value which gives and accepts each other, help and maintain good reputation each other as one big family.
  • Friendship, namely trying to be acquaintance with each other and socialize in a friendship atmosphere that is mutually profitable and trust each other.
  • National, namely every step and orientation of its programs and activities will always stand on the national fundamental values, preserve the unity and integrity as well as have the archipelago insight which reflects the diversity and also the unity of Indonesian people.
  • International, namely every step and movement of this organization has an advanced perspective and vision beyond territorial borders of the nation and being active in promoting the cultured and civilized international social intercourse manner.


  • The Management Board of KAPPIJA-21 consists of the Central Committee Board of the Alumni of the Indonesia – Japan Friendship Program for 21st Century, abbreviated with DPP KAPPIJA-21, domiciled in the Country’s Capital City and the Local Committee Board of the Alumni Family of the Indonesia – Japan Friendship Program for 21st Century, abbreviated with DPD KAPPIJA-21, domiciled in a provincial capital city.

KAPPIJA-21 has formed the Local Management Board in 12 provinces in Indonesia which are: DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Jogjakarta, East Java, Lampung, West Sumatera, North Sumatera, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Nusa Tenggara Timur – Bali, Kalimantan, Eastern Indonesia.


  • Have the rectangular shape with light border lines: meaning that KAPPIJA-21 thinks and moves in a broader range of scope and advanced dimension.
  • Figure 21 written graphically forms the picture of two human beings who walk together side by side; reflecting the vision and mission of KAPPIJA-21 to promote the friendship of Indonesia – Japan and with other nations in this 21st Century.
  • Bright sky blue color: meaning the firmness of the stature and existence of KAPPIJA-21 in the middle of the Indonesian society and the International society as well as reflecting the deepness of vision, mission and

    Orientation of every program of KAPPIJA-21.

  • Indonesian national flag which is red and white in the left side and the Japanese Hinomaru national flag in the right side: giving the meaning of friendship of these two nations being based on equality, trust, and mutually profitable in the respectfulness atmosphere.
  • The written words of KAPPIJA-21 with capital letters: having the meaning of the firmness or decisiveness of behavior and attitude and also standpoint to build and promote the friendship and brotherhood values among countries and human kinds on the basis of level equality, humanity and justice values.
  • To provide with information on activities of cultural exchange of Indonesia, ASEAN and Japan.
  • To hold any competition and exhibition on the cultures of Indonesia and Japan.
  • To implement workshops and seminars.
  • To implement ASEAN-Japan Regional Youth Camp.
  • To facilitate and organize the home stay program in Indonesia and Japan.
  • To organize the Courses of Japanese Language and Origami.
  • To organize Student Visit to Japanese institutions and companies in Indonesia.
  • To organize Student Visit for Exchange of Culture in Japan.
  • To perform and cooperate with any other institution for social visit and activity.
  • To publish bulletins to make friendship relation get closer.

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