KAPPIJA-21: Strengthening Future Partnership With Asean & Japan Institutions

The Alumni of the Indonesia-Japan Friendship Program for the 21st Century (KAPPIJA-21) has successfully organized the AJAFA-21 International Conference and 26th ASEAN-Japan Friendship Association for the 21st Century (AJAFA-21) Executive Council Meeting on 21 to 24 of February 2014 in Amos Cozy Hotel and Convention Hall, Jakarta.

The Event was officially launched by Ms. Rika Kiswardani, State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia. She mentioned that the friendship program between ASEAN countries and JICA, Japan are being implemented by each alumni organization of member countries. This time the program is focused on ‘opportunities and challenges’ to the ASEAN Community 2015. She encouraged members to share their thoughts and ideas toward this theme.

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At the same time, in the opening Speech, Mr. Oiwa Takaaki, Senior Representative of JICA Indonesia Office stressed the history of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and its programs. He explained the history of the friendship program that was started by Minister Nakasone for the purpose of developing the friendship among ASEAN countries.

The 26th AJAFA-21 Executive Council Meeting 2014 conducted International Conference. It discussed “Building Sustainable City (Best Practices of ASEAN-Japan Countries): Towards ASEAN Community 2015”. The purpose of the Conference is to contribute thoughts, ideas and experience in strategic issues of development among ASEAN and Japan countries as well as to support for realizing the ASEAN Community 2015. The keynote speaker of the conference was H.E.Mr.DR.AKP Mochtan, the Deputy Secretary General for ASEAN Community & Corporate Affairs of the ASEAN Secretariat. He presented “The 2015 ASEAN Community Building & Post-2015 ASEAN”. The panelists of the Conference was Ms. Ito Takako, Charge d’Affaires of Mission of Japan to ASEAN. She presented “The 40 Years of ASEAN-Japan Cooperation: To Enhance the Future Partnership between Japan and ASEAN”. Other panelist was Mr. Drs. H. Muh. Yasin MT (Vice Head Region of Bantaeng, South Sulawesi) presented: “Promotion of Sustainable City in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi”.

AJAFA-21 Executive Council Meeting (ECM) is a platform for JICA alumni associations members to meet and discuss, review, plan and come up with policies and agreements on programs and activities. This is also an opportunity for interacting and sharing of knowledge and experience as well as to enhance and broaden friendly relations among its members.

AJAFA-21 Executive Council Meeting (ECM) and The International Conference was supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), City Government of Tourism & Culture Office (DKI Jakarta), Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Japan Foundation, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) and Kumala Foundation. The event also was attended by Government of Indonesia, State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia, ASEAN Secretariat, Mission Japan to ASEAN, JICA Indonesia, and members of AJAFA-21: JICA Alumni of Cambodia, KAPPIJA-21 Indonesia, LAYCFP LAO P.D.R, PAMAJA Malaysia, JAMM Myanmar, JAAP Philippines, FYAA Thailand, VACYF Vietnam and DAY Japan.

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